Mayo, 2022

26May15:3017:00How to develop synergies and interact with potential partnersSESSION 3 OF THE CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME: TOWARDS JOINT PROJECTS AND INITIATIVES WITHIN I2LATAM

Event Details

This is the third session of the WP3 capacity building programme called Towards joint projects and initiatives within i2LATAM. This programme aims to work around WP3 activity implementation procedures and share best practices amongst LATAM partners.

About WP3: Development of strategic interdisciplinary research projects

At this stage the teams will seek to develop interdisciplinary and strategic projects with the objective of capitalizing and sustaining project results. These projects will not necessarily involve the investment of large initial funds, but will have a significant symbolic impact in order to set in motion new processes and mechanisms for the joint development of research with the contribution of regional stakeholders.

This WP is of particular importance for the sustainability of the project, as it aims to develop concrete collaboration and project initiatives based on the reflection and mapping exercise obtained in the other development WPs. In this WP multiple target groups are involved and engaged to ensure a bottom-up approach.



(Jueves) 15:30 - 17:00

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