On the 7th of February 2022, I2LATAM is launching an online masterclass on participation in the funding program Horizon Europe for Latam partners. If you are part of the i2latam member institutions and want to “broaden your horizon” as a researcher, this course is for you.

Research and innovation are increasingly interlinked internationally. The European Union offers several opportunities to foster international cooperation in research and innovation. Its new framework program for R&I Horizon Europe is open to participation from all over the world. 

Seizing opportunities offered by the EU to address global challenges and strengthen the dialogue with international partners will benefit you by enhancing the capacity to internationalize your activity and acquiring a good knowledge of these mechanisms essential to establish a successful cooperation. Besides the financial contribution that your University can get from being a partner in an EU project, there are other advantages:

  • International network: Creating and expanding a global network through EU funds participation is a strategic choice to raise your visibility, opportunities, and attractiveness quickly.
  • Interdisciplinary co-publication: one of the significant impacts in EU projects is the knowledge created by collaborative work, which goes on a large number of high-raked, interdisciplinary publications and entails the possibility for each researcher to improve his curricula.
  • IPR Co-ownership: legally speaking, if you are participating in the scientific results coming from an EU project, you are co-owner of potential patents or licenses.
  • Skills development: As a researcher, having participated in interdisciplinary teams, you can enrich your curricula to better respond to societal needs.
  • Strengthening the dialogue with territorial partners: often, you could involve other partners from your territory in the EU projects.

International participation in EU projects can be an unfamiliar process that can discourage researchers. That’s where I2LATAM comes into play. I2LATAM helps young Latin American universities, taking advantage of local and regional impact potential while fostering collaboration between Latin America and European partners to develop new initiatives. 

As part of its initiatives i2LATAM, is launching a new course: “Attracting International European Research & Innovation funding: ​The Horizon Europe 2021-2027 programme”. The course aims at helping researchers understand and apply practices to identify EU funding opportunities, enlarge international networking possibilities to find partners and participate in the Horizon Europe Programme. ​

This four-week module will combine online classes, autonomous work and learning material dedicated to the role of LATAM countries within Horizon Europe. The lessons will start on the 7th of February. The specific topics are the following:

Week 1: Identify EU fundings opportunities

Week 2: Tackle your Contribution to Global Challenges

Week 3: The Rules of the game: placing your contribution in a specific proposal

Week 4: Enlarge your network and enhance your attractiveness to potential partners

Members from I2LATAM partners will organize several courses in the coming months in the frame of I2LATAM project (WP5). This first course is under the organization of Moverim, a consulting agency based in Brussels that has been working for more than 20 years in EU funded Research & innovation projects. Over the years, the company has developed solid and reliable expertise in EU participation that ranges from project proposal to management & coordination. Their close work with academics makes them an excellent guide for researchers, taking them to step by step in this process.

Taking part in this course empowers your project ideas and opens your research to international cooperation in the most practical and accessible way. Seize this opportunity by sending us an email: i2latamtraining@gmail.com